Internship Format – Report Example of Internship

Internship Format (Report Example of Internship). Internship will make your career with best opportunity to work in good environment. Interns can get experience to complete their task and more skills. The Internship is important for improving opportunities and more lessons of income. So Internship make students good career in the future.

There are many Internships 2022-2023 are open for candidates from all over the world.

Internship is a opportunity in which student can learn different lesson with different Firms of different countries. Internship report is more important to manage there career and education skills. Here is the Internship report sample given below for your more knowledge.

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How to make Internship Report for Candidates

Following are the some important steps through which Intern can make Internship report.

1- Cover Page Making

In Internship report cover page is most important thing. Through  cover page candidate can easily read and get Instruction about Internship report. Cover page is like cover letter, so it is the first major thing in Internship report.

2- Title for Cover Page

For cover page in Internship report title is main heading. Title of Internship report will be bold. and prominent which show what is the name of Internship like, Computer Engineering or Digital Marketing in software house.

– Name of Internship

– Institute Name

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3- Table of Contents for Internship Report

Table of contents pay important role in Internship report by this we can easily found the name of heading in Internship report. It easy for readers to navigate to the parts of the report they are most interested in reading.

4- Background of Company for Internship Report

Background for Internship report is also important which Include information like the date, business’s purpose or mission statement and relevant detail about the report.  Give the reader a understanding of work experience.

5- Position and Responsibilities in Internship Report

Internship report depends on work of organization and give  experience and the lessons to learn more. It can be useful to describe your position and responsibilities as an intern with the company. Reader complete overview of your internship and allow you to discuss about Internship.

6- Discuss What you learned by Internship Report

Internship report will describe the specific things you learned and the skills you cultivated. Relate skills back to your educational experiences. Experiences within the organization contributed to your development.

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Tips to Make Internship Report

  • Page numbering in the report
  • Cover page with the title of your report
  • Mention any special acknowledgments on the next page

Internship report Template

Many formats can be used for creating an internship report, but have to include relevant details about the organization and summarize what you have learned.

Following template are used for drafting internship report,

Title page


[Internship dates]

[Internship organization]

Table of contents

  1. Company information
  2. Internship description
  3. Overview of Internship report

Company information

[Company Name] was founded in [year] with the intention of [details]. The company’s mission statement is to [mission statement]. [Company Name] plays a vital role in the community with [details]. chose this organization because I find their mission to be important and relevant to my career goals.

Internship description

Role at [Company Name] was to [details]. Work directly with [team] in [Internship responsibilities].

Overview of Internship experience

During Internship experience with [Company Name], able to develop [skills]. Particularly found [experiences] to be useful in improving [skill]. Although found [experience] to be challenging,  found it to be valuable in developing my [skill].

Ongoing consideration

While I had many useful experiences at [Company Name], I feel that I still need to develop my confidence levels with [task]. I would have enjoyed more time completing [task].

In conclusion, [details].

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Sample of Internship Report

Title page

John Son
School  Internship

Mar. 10–Dec. 18, 2019

Benjamin School

Table of contents

  1. Company information
  2. Internship description
  3. Overview of Internship experience
  4. Ongoing consideration

Company information

Benjamin School founded in 1960 as North Palm Beach Private School by Nancy and Marshall Benjamin, The Benjamin School of today is one of the nation’s premier independent day schools. From Early Childhood through Upper School (grades PK3 – 12), we offer a wide range of possibilities for students across broad horizons. I chose to complete my Internship with this school because I enjoy the work they do with inner-city children through outreach efforts and after-school educational programs.

Internship description

With over 1,100 students enrolled on two campuses in North Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens, The Benjamin School offers a comprehensive experience academically, athletically and artistically. Through a wide range of courses, class trips and co-curricular clubs and sports, students learn to work both independently and collaboratively.

Overview of Internship experience

During my Internship experience with Benjamin School, I was able to develop my active listening, planning and treatment plan skills. I particularly found direct interactions with these middle school children to be useful in improving my counseling skills. 

Ongoing consideration

While I had many useful experiences at Benjamin School, I feel that I still need to develop my confidence levels with testing. I would have enjoyed more time facilitating and evaluating psychological tests.

In conclusion, my experience with Benjamin School was crucial in my development as a school counselor. I will take the lessons and skills I learned and apply them to my next position.

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