Latest Scholarships in Turkey without IELTS 2022

You are lucky enough to get Scholarships in Turkey without IELTS 2022. International students can study at Turkish Universities without an IELTS score because of the Turkish Scholarships. Studying in Turkey is easier than ever now that you can find Turkish Scholarships just for you.

Turkey invests a lot in education. It’s one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. There are many reasons why International students should come to Turkey – it has everything they need! You can find everything you need to know about studying in Turkey right here on this post.

Turkey has the second-highest rate of education in the world—almost 95% of Turkish students attend school. It is also the fastest-growing nation in terms of population growth and among the most developed countries economically. In this article, we will discuss Scholarships to study abroad and University attendance without IELTS scores required.

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List of Some Universities in Turkey without IELTS

The following is the list of top Universities without IELTS requirements.

  1. Başkent University
  2. Atılım University
  3. Istanbul Aydın University
  4. İstanbul Medipol University
  5. Fatih Sultan Mehmet University
  6. Çankaya University
  7. Ufuk University
  8. Beykent University
  9. İstanbul Zaim University
  10. Bahçeşehir University

List of Scholarships in Turkey without IELTS 2022

1- Scholarship for KOC University in Turkey

Koc University Turkey offers Scholarships for International students to pursue Master’s, MBA, LLB and PhD degrees in Turkish Universities. There are 70 exciting fields of study now at Koc University.

Applicants from around the world with any academic background can apply.

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2- Bursary for Turkish Students in 2022

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship 2022 is a Government funded Scholarship for International students from countries around the world to study Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral degrees in Turkey. Turkiye Burslari Scholarship is one of the most prestigious and popular scholarships available to International students.

– More Information: Turkey Government Scholarships

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3- Scholarships for 2022 from ISDB Turkiye

Apply for IsDB Turkiye Scholarships 2022. Islamic Development Bank and Turkey Scholarship will award joint scholarships to all Nationalities with any qualification. Scholarships are free for Undergraduate, Graduate and PhD students.

– For Detail:   IsDB Turkish Burslari Scholarship

4- The Bilkent University Scholarships in Turkey

This Scholarship for International students is for all around the world to study Master’s  and Doctoral degree programs. The Bilkent University Scholarships are the most generous scholarships that allow you to study in Turkey without paying a tuition charge.

– For more Information: Visit Here

5- Kadir has a Scholarship to a Turkish University

Kadir has offers Scholarships for International students. The Scholarships can be used to fund Bachelor, Master and Post-Doctoral degree programs. Kadir offers a degree in a student’s choosing with six different career paths. This University is located in the Istanbul metropolitan area.

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6- Success Scholarship of the Turkish Government

The Turkish Government Success Scholarship is available now. It is called the Success Scholarship and Research Scholarship for all National holders. We will provide a Scholarship to any International students studying in Turkey.

– For More Information: Visit

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