List of Websites to find International Scholarships

List of Websites to find International Scholarships / Positions (All-Levels). This document is made solely to help the scholarship seekers from the very basic level, and share opportunities of scholarships available worldwide at all degree-levels (Undergrad., Masters, Ph.D., and Post-Doc). We hope this document will help to find answers to very basic questions such as the scholarship in the field, level, and country.

Moreover, this document is expected to help one find the scholarship in even one specific subject of a field (e. g., big data in computer science; catalysis in chemical engineering; computational finance in finance/banking; political history in history/arts, etc). Before start, I have two special requests for scholarship-seekers.

List of Websites to find International Scholarships

Please, do your best to find some opportunities by yourself first related to your requirements, criteria, or facts, in the following links. After that, if you still need further help or guidance regarding some specific issue, you may ask for that. The links or addresses start from here:

To search for a Scholarship (undergrad., MS, Ph.D.) or a position (researcher, post-doc., administration) with respect to a specific research topic in a field, and in your country of interest.


These are the most useful encyclopedia as per my knowledge and experience. You may also subscribe to this website for a periodic e-mail information on your field of interest.)

2) To search for a scholarship country wise at all levels of study (Government or university funded)
3) European scholarships/fellowships and grants (Official Web of Europe)
4) Big Database about Jobs and Academic around the Globe
5) To find an opportunity at any level of study, in any subject, and in a given country
6) For Post-Doctoral Positions (only)
You may also like some of the most informative pageson facebook, named, “Scholarship Network”.
7) SAATFASE Yahoo Group (Very good source of Scholarships)
8) Pakgrid Yahoo Group
9) Pk Students
10) DAAD Schoalrship facebook page (very useful)
11) PhD in France
12) A good website to search for PhD and Research Positions
13) For people related to animal stock or Veterinary sciences
14) Opportunities in Germany
15) One of good search engines to find grants for MS and PhD in France and also in other places
16)Jobs, PhD Positions in Austria in Biology field
17)Jobs, PhD Positions in all fields
18)Jobs, PhD positions Database in Germany
19)Another database to search positions in Europe
20) A good website for searching PhD positions in Netherlands specially
21) Chinese Universities Scholarships for MS and PhD
They announce new scholarships on this website. So keep checking this website always
22) People who want to study in Netherlands and want to search for grants for MS, PhD or BS then do use this tool effectively
23) Groups Related to Research Papers, Books and Articles
24) How to apply for Max Plank PhD positions, very useful video
25)MARIE Curie As you all know that Erasmus Mundus Joint doctorates have been finished. A few programs will keep on continuing giving grants for few more years. But now the doctorate grants will be offered by Marie curie. So save this page and keep on checking both tabs on page “Job Vacancies” and “Fellowship Programs”
26) People save this website for PhD and Lecturers Positions and check them
27)For people on Twitter,they can use and update at any time, the #scholarship in search to find scholarships posted
28) For jobs and PhD positions in UK
29)PhD positions
30) Find Scholarships and Study grants in Europe
Related Portals:
31) Foreign Funded Scholarships HEC
32)Did you know that you can search close to 150 scholarships on our website, specifically for International Students at New Zealand? Pop over and take a look at
33) PhD Positions
34) PhD, Lecturers, Scientists Jobs, Europe
35)Postgraduate positions search
36) Postgraduate studentships in UK
37) A Database of Taught & Research Masters Courses (Must Try)- MSc MA MBA MPhil MEd MRes LLM – etc
39)Biotechnology related jobs (researcher, PhD, Post-doc) at Czech republic, Europe
40) Academic jobs everywhere
41) Search scholarships in/from Austria
Anyone with the basic queries can contact the above Universities after checking the links mentioned in the post. I will try to update the links with the passage of time. Thanks.

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