Steps to obtain a Study Visa in Russia

A foreign student who wants to study in Russia must obtain a study visa. To be able to apply for a visa, you must obtain admission from a Russian institute or university.

A Russian student visa is granted as a one-time entry visa for a period of three months, and up to a year at first. It can be extended depending on the duration of the program you wish to study there. Then it is converted to a multiple entry visa three months after the student arrives in Russia.

Stages of Obtaining a Student Entry Visa to Russia

There are three steps to obtain a student entry visa to Russia: the invitation letter, the visa application, and the registration of a visa.

The first stage: the invitation letter

The first step to getting a visa to enter Russia is to get an invitation letter. It is also commonly referred to as “visa support”. After obtaining admission from an educational institute in Russia, you will be given an invitation letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its regional office.

In the event that there is no regional office in the area in which you want to study, you must be given an invitation letter from the university or institute where you registered for study. The letter must be given by the president of the university or institute where you registered.

Step Two: Apply for a visa

The second step to obtaining a student visa is for you to apply to the Russian embassy or consulate. But before you apply, you must check the rules for submitting the application and the fees required by the Russian embassy in your home country.

Step Three: Register for a visa

The last step in obtaining a study visa in Russia is to register a visa when you get there. After you get there, you must register for a visa within seven days of arrival. It is usually registered by the university or educational institute where you are registered for study.

Eligibility criteria for student visa in Russia

To be eligible for a student visa, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. You must have a valid and signed passport that contains at least two blank pages, and your passport must have a validity period that exceeds the visa period by at least six months.
  2. A copy of the visa application form, filled out and signed by you.
  3. The invitation letter given to you by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its regional office, or the university / educational institute in which you are registered.
  4. Your current degree and academic qualifications.
  5. Proof of paying fees at the university or institute where you want to study.
  6. HIV negative certificate. This examination must be new and not more than three months have passed.
  7. You must show your intention to leave Russia after your authorized stay.

where do I start?

Before you apply for a visa, check the time required to complete the application process. When you are sure of this, start with the following process:

First: Get an invitation letter

As mentioned above, the first step to obtaining a student visa in Russia after obtaining admission from a university or educational institute is to obtain an invitation letter from it.

Step Two: Fill out the visa application form

Fill out the visa application form here, then print it out completely. And do not forget to sign the visa application.

Step Three: Get the required documents

Make a list of documents necessary for the visa application process. Then collect them all and prepare them.

Step 4: Obtain selfies

Obtain a color photograph of the embassy application. And make sure that the image matches the specifications required by the embassy. In most cases, you must provide at least two personal photos with the visa application. You must also sign the photos from the other side.

Step Five: Prepare the visa fees

Check with the Russian embassy or consulate in your country to find out what your fees are and what payment methods are acceptable to them.

Step Six: Apply for a visa

Send your application to the Russian embassy, ​​and you must attach it with the necessary fees and documents required personally.

Usually, Russian embassies do not accept requests and documents submitted by authorized persons, representatives, or clients under any circumstances. You will be given a receipt after you apply and pay the necessary amount.

Step Seven: Wait for the decision to obtain a visa

After you submit the application, wait for the embassy’s decision to obtain a visa. You will get a date when you can contact the embassy about your visa issues. Contact the embassy on this date to find out if you have been granted a visa.

Step 8: Get a visa on your passport

To be able to obtain a visa on your passport, you must provide the embassy with the receipt they previously provided to you after applying and paying the fees.

Step 9: Obtain the immigration card

You must obtain an immigration card when you arrive in Russia. It is an application that you must fill out and submit in the passport control area. Half of the request will remain with you after it is stamped, and the other half will remain with them. You must keep your half until you leave Russia.

Step Ten: Register your visa

You must also register your visa within seven days of your arrival in Russia. In the case of a student visa, it is normal for the university or institute to arrange for the student’s visa registration matters.

Your passport must be presented with the Russian student visa in addition to the immigration card to the office for foreign relations at the university or institute. After your registration has ended, you will be provided with a proof of visa registration, which you must maintain carefully until you leave the country.

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