Canada For Work Permit Visas 2023

Thousands of jobs are announced by Canada each year. Anyone who wants a job in another country with really good opportunities and ease they should look and search for a job in Canada. As they welcome foreigners for job posts as their is a shortage of labour in Canada.Companies in Canada can hire foreigners and apply for their visa sponsorship in Canada as well if no candidate is available to apply for that job post. Start looking for jobs in Canada for work permit 2023.

A work permit is needed if you are going to work in Canada and we are now going to discuss the types of Canada work. You can work as a employee do business anything and that is why we will discuss what work permit is going to suit your work type. Requirements for Canada work visas have also been mentioned. There are many options in Canada for work permit.People who are being abused those who are vulnerable, Hong Kong recent graduates, caregivers, agricultural workers, Ukranian nationals, students and business people. A lot of different categories and options are present for people to apply in.

Apply For Canada Work Visa 2023

But for that we first need to recognize the types of work permits in Canada for a work visa.

Types of Work Permits in Canada 2023

There are two types of work Permits in Canada, which are further divided as well. The two main types of work Permits are ;

  1. Employer-specific work permit.
  2. Open work permit.

You can visit here and check out which work permit is right for you if you don’t understand which category you lie in.

1) Employer-specific work permit

This work permit allows an employee to work for a specific company or employer. You are not allowed to work for any other company or employer but the one who has allotted the work permit. You will be allowed to work in a particular location and for a specific duration.

Before applying for the Employer-specific work visa, you must acquire a few things from your employer, such as;

  • Employment offer number
  • A positive copy of LMIA.

The LMIA is a letter an employer obtains through Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). This letter indicates that no local candidate is available to perform the job; hence we require a foreign candidate to fill the position.

On the other hand, the Job Offer Letter states your details of the job, pay scale, job duties, hours, etc.

2) Work permit with no LMIA requirement.

In this case, there is no need for an LMIA letter, but your employer must provide a valid employment offer, such as;

NAFTA work permit. 

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) allows the Nationals of Mexico and the USA to work in Canada with no LMIA letter. But you must have an experience in the relevant field you are applying to.

You can apply for the NAFTA work permit through

  • Canada Port of entry,
  • Canadian visa officer
  • Inside Canada as temporary residents.

Documents required for NAFTA. 

  • Proof of Mexican or American citizenship
  • Duration of stay in Canada
  • Proof of employment in Canada
  • Credentials proof etc.

The fee for employment offer for NAFTA is $230, while the work permit insurance fee is $155.

3) CETA Work Permit.

This type of work permit is allowed for candidates of the European Union. The CETA) has opened various job opportunities for Candidates from Europe. You can enter Canada without a work permit or LMIA.

Application Process. 

You can apply through the Canadian Port of Entry or the visa application Centre.

4) Canadian Open Work permit.

This type of work permit for Canada is divided into the following two subcategories;

  1. Restricted Open work permit
  2. Unrestricted open work permit.

The difference b/w these two is that a restricted Open work permit allows the employee to work a specific job and period. In contrast, an unrestricted work permit will enable you to work for any company or location.

Application Process. 

Choose the type of work permit from the two subcategories and submit your application form with complete information and requirements.

The application fee for Open work permit is as follows;

  • Work permit charges: $155
  • Work permit holder costs: $100

Sub-types of Canadian Open Work Permit.

The Open work permit is divided into the following sub-types, such as;

  • Post-graduation work Permits.

All international students who graduated from a university in Canada are eligible for PGWP. You can work for any employer for unlimited hours. It takes up to 180 to Complete the application process for PGWP, and the work permit duration is eight months to three years.

Candidates must be 18 years old and have studied for at least eight months in a Canadian study program.

The application fee for a postgraduate work permit is $155.

  • Spouse Open work permit. 

You can apply for a spouse’s Open work permit if your partner holds a temporary Canadian work permit. It will allow you to work for any company or employer but under a few conditions, such as;

  • You must be in a relationship with your spouse and have no criminal records.
  • You should be medically fit.

The application fee for a spouse’s Open work permit is as follows;

  • The work permit fee is $255
  • The processing fee is $155
  • The work permit holder fee is $100.

#5 IEC Work Permits.

The International Experience Canada (IEC) allows candidates to work and live temporarily in Canada. If you have passed any of the IEC programs, you are eligible to apply for IEC work Permits. The duration of the IEC is one year. The applicants must be at most 35 years, and the applicant’s country must have signed an agreement with Canada for IEC work Permits.

Application Process. 

You must make your IEC account and select your desired program. After getting an invitation, you will only have ten days to accept the offer. After that, submit your required documents with the application and await approval.There are no charges for application fees.

 #6 Bridging Open work permit.

The BOWP is for all those international candidates already working in Canada but waiting for their permanent residency application. This permit will allow you to work and stay in Canada for as long as you want. The application fee for a Bridging Open work permit is as follows;

  • The work permit fee is $255
  • The processing fee is $155
  • The work permit holder fee is $100.

How Long Does It Take For The Canada Work Permit to Process?

This may take up to 30 business days (6 weeks).

Candidates Exempted from a Work Permit in Canada 2023.

All foreign applicants who lie under the following categories are exempted from work permits, such as;

  1. Foreign representatives.
  2. News reporters.
  3. Media Crews
  4. Artists
  5. Athletes and team
  6. Public speakers
  7. Business investigators and visitors
  8. Judges
  9. Incident inspectors
  10. Foreign Government officials
  11. Military officers

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