Scholarships Without IELTS for 2023 (Apply Now)

Hello every body. I know mostly students want to go foreign countries for studies to make there career bright. So today I came here to tell you about Scholarships Without IELTS for 2023. So now you can apply for Scholarships without IELTS in different universities. Scholarships are fully funded and open for those students who want to pursue Bachelor, Master, PhD and Diploma programs.

You can apply mostly online for it and just have to give English proficiency test certificate or the record from old University where you studied in English. There are also many Scholarships 2022-2023 are open for international students in different places of the world. Well in this article I will show you some best Universities with their official links which are offering Funded Scholarships without IELTS.  List of that Universities/Scholarships are given below.

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List of Scholarships Without IELTS for 2023

Here is the list of some good Scholarships which are open for international students to study Bachelor, Master, PhD degree programs along with links. So you can choose University/country and apply for it by opening the links.

Harvard University Free Courses 2023

Harvard University offering free online courses for international students without IELTS in academic year 2023. See the details in the given link below.

IU Germany Scholarship 2023 Without IELTS

IU Germany Scholarship 2023 Without IELTS is open for International students in Germany. The students who want to pursue Undergraduate, Graduate and PhD degree programs can apply now without IELTS in Germany.

Central European University Hungry Scholarships 2023

Study in Hungary on a Fully Funded Scholarship. The Central European University offers Scholarships 2023 for international students. To apply visit link below.

ANSO Scholarship to Study in China

ANSO Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for International students to study in China without IELTS. For details open following link.

Hamad Bin Khalifa (HBKU) Scholarships 2023

HBKU Scholarship is open to all international students from all around the world to study UndergraduateMasters, and PhD Degree programs at Hammad Bin Khalifa University. They Don’t Need IELTS.

Nanyang University Scholarships 2023

Nanyang University Scholarships 2023 in Singapore. BachelorsMasters, and PhD Students can apply for the NTU Scholarship 2023. It offers funded Scholarships.

MEXT Japanese APU University Scholarship 2023

MEXT Japanese APU University Scholarship 2023 are announced for International students in Japan. MEXT Japanese APU University Scholarship are fully funded and covers all the expenses like tuition fee, monthly stipend up to 144,000 JPY also cover the accommodation and traveling allowances of students.

DAAD International Scholarship 2023

DAAD International Scholarship 2023 is open  for International students across the world to pursue higher education in Germany. Scholarship by DAAD in Germany is fully funded by German Government. DAAD International Scholarship is open for Undergraduate, Master and PhD degree programs without IELTS.

King Abdulaziz University Scholarship

The King Abdulaziz Scholarship is a Fully Funded Scholarship to undertake Bachelor’s, Masters, and PhD. Degree Programs at King Abdulaziz University. 

Eramus Mundus Scholarships

A wonderful opportunity to pursue your Masters and PhD programs in different European Universities in different countries. Erasmus Mundus Scholarship is fully funded and the SCholarship would cover all expenses.

University of Tokyo ADB Scholarship 2023

University of Tokyo ADB Scholarship 2023 are announced for International students in Japan. The application process is fully online. There is no need of IELTS or any other language test even Japanese language. All the expenses will be covered by ADB.

Masters and PhD Scholarships 2023 without IELTS

Applications are invited for Masters and PhD Scholarships 2023 without IELTS. Scholarships are open for international students in various Universities of Canada.

NCTU Taiwan Scholarships

All International students are invited to apply for NCTU scholarships Taiwan. The Scholarship is offering  Fully funded scholarships to students wanting to pursue Bachelor’s, Master, and PhD degree.

SIIT Graduate Scholarships Thailand

SIIT Graduate Scholarships in Thailand are open for all the International students to pursue Masters PhD degree from Thailand. It is fully funded Scholarship without IELTS.

Korean High Commission Scholarships 2023

Korean High Commission Scholarships 2023 are open for International students. Scholarships offered by High Commission are fully funded. The student who want to pursue BachelorsMasters and PhD degree programs can apply now in South Korea famous Universities. There is no need of IELTS.

Embassy of Japan Scholarships 2023

Embassy of Japan Scholarships 2023. The Japanese Government Scholarships are open to BachelorsMasters, and PhD Students to complete any of their degree programs at Japanese universities. Scholarships in Japan without IELTS.

Doha Institute for Graduate Studies Scholarships 2023

Doha Institute for Graduate Studies Scholarships 2023. The Scholarship is offered for both National and International students from all over the world. The students who want to pursue Master’s and PhD (Doctoral) degree program from Qatar can apply. There is no need of IELTS for this Scholarship program.

Ireland Government Scholarships 2023

Ireland Government Scholarships 2023. Scholarships are fully funded by Irish Government. The students who want to pursue Masters and PhD degree programs can apply in Irish Universities. There are also some Universities in Ireland which offers admission without IELTS.

European Government Scholarships 2023

Apply for the European Government Scholarships 2023 Without IELTS. You can now apply for BachelorsMasters, and PhD Degree programs in European universities and on European Govt scholarships.

Visit: Universities without IELTS 2023

Some Exchange Programs Without IELTS & Without CGPA

Students who have low CGPA between 2.0 to 2.7 or don’t have any CGPA can apply for following exchange programs. There is no need of IELTS for this.

KPMG Internship 2023

KPMG Internship 2023 announced for candidates in Canada.  KPMG Internship is offering for Undergraduate and Graduate students without IELTS.

Hansen Summer Institute Program 2023

Hansen Summer Institute Program 2023 is open to apply for International and National students of US in United States of America. There is no need of any English test like IELTS or TOEFL. So any one can apply through online process by submitting online application.

SUSI Summer Exchange Program

Applications are now open to apply for the fully funded SUSI  Summer Exchange program in the United States of America. IELTS/TOEFL is not required. SUSI is a fully funded 6 weeks summer Exchange program in the United States.

MCW Young Leadership Fellowship Program

Apply for MCW Young Leaders Fellowship Program open in USA for academic year 2023. There is no need of IELTS or any other language test because it is not an academic program and also application fee is not required for it.

Nestle Internship 2023

Applications are invited to join Nestle Internship 2023 in various places. The students who have degree of Bachelor and Master can apply for it by submitting online application. There is no need of IELTS for this six weeks program.

UNDP Internship Program 2023

Internship program open by Organization name UNDP. The candidates having degree of Undergraduate and Graduate are eligible to apply for this Internship program. The internship is offered in multiple fields without IELTS.

So the above is all about the Scholarships and Exchange Program/Internships which are offering by different Institutions in various countries without IELTS. Choose any one of your choice and apply by visiting link given at the end of each para.

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