Farm Worker Jobs in Canada With Free Work VISA – No LMIA, No IELTS

Farm Worker Jobs in Canada With Free Work VISA – No LMIA, No IELTS

Thinking about working on a farm in Canada? Great idea! This article is for farm workers from other countries who want to work in Canada in 2025.

There are many different farm jobs you can do, like picking fruit or even working as an agricultural engineer (someone who builds things for farms). The pay is good and you may even be able to get a free visa to work in Canada.

Canada is a popular place for farm workers for a few reasons. First, Canada has laws that make it easier to immigrate there. Second, Canada has good laws to protect workers. And third, Canada offers competitive wages.

Reasons to Work in Canada as a Farm Worker

  • Easy to get a visa: Canada has special programs to help you work there legally.
  • Good pay and benefits: You’ll earn more than minimum wage and might even get health insurance, a place to live, and help with transportation.
  • Safe work: Canada has laws to protect workers from being treated unfairly and to make sure workplaces are safe.
  • Feel at home: Canada is a welcoming country with people from all over the world.
  • Grow your career: There are chances to learn new skills and maybe even stay in Canada permanently.
  • Stable country: Canada’s economy and government are strong, so you’ll feel secure.
  • Get help settling in: Some people can help you adjust to life in Canada.
  • Learn new farming methods: Canada uses modern technology to make farming more efficient.

Salary of Farmers in Canada

  • Fruit and Veggie Picker: This is a physically demanding job where you’ll pick fresh produce and sort out the good stuff from the not-so-good stuff. It pays around $15 per hour to start.
  • General Farm Worker: This is a mix of different tasks like harvesting crops, keeping farm equipment working, and feeding the plants. You can expect to make around $15.50 per hour.
  • Farm Laborer: This is a broad category that could involve anything from planting crops to taking care of animals. There’s a high demand for these jobs in Canada, so farms are looking for people to fill them.
  • Farm Manager: If you like being in charge, this could be the job for you! You’ll oversee the farmworkers, manage the budget, and make sure the farm is profitable. Farm managers can make over $20 per hour.
  • Agricultural Engineer: This is a specialized and high-paying career (over $50 per hour!). These engineers design and improve farm equipment and come up with new ways to run farms more efficiently.

Here’s how to find and apply for farm work in Canada

1. Find your farm job:

  • Search online job boards and websites of recruitment companies like Global Farm & Ranch or GreenTech Resources.
  • Look for postings from the farms themselves.

2. Apply for the job:

  • Tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight your farm experience and skills.
  • Follow the instructions on the job posting carefully.

3. Get a visa:

  • Most farm jobs require a special document called an LMIA, which your employer will get for you.
  • Once you have a job offer and LMIA, you can apply for a work permit through a program like SAWP (seasonal work) or TFWP (broader work program).

Here’s some extra info:

  • SAWP is for workers from Mexico and the Caribbean for seasonal jobs up to 8 months, with housing provided by the employer.
  • TFWP is for a wider range of farm jobs, not just seasonal.

Need help finding a job?

Check out these recruitment agencies that specialize in farm jobs:

  • Global Farm & Ranch (dairy, swine, cattle, crops)
  • GreenTech Resources (Saskatchewan, with immigration help)
  • Canadian Recruitment (skilled trades including farm jobs)
  • Agrirecruiting (agribusiness, various farm jobs)
  • Grassland Group (animal health, agronomy, farm equipment)

Bonus tip: Use online resources and talk to people you know in agriculture to find the best job for you.

Landing a farm job in Canada can be a great experience! By following these steps and putting in the effort, you can have a successful career in Canadian agriculture.

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