Malta KEI Work VISA Process 2024 (Get Visa in 5 days)

Malta KEI Work VISA Process 2024 (Get Visa in 5 days)

Malta is looking for skilled workers! They are offering fast-track work visas for people in tech, gaming, healthcare, engineering, and other fields. You can get a work visa approved in just 5 days through the Key Employee Initiative (KEI). The job must pay at least €30,000 per year. You can bring your family with you.

Malta is a great place to live with a warm climate and beautiful Mediterranean Sea views. It’s a good option compared to other countries because of the fast-track visa process and lower cost of living.

Details About Malta KEI Work VISA

The Malta Key Employee Initiative (KEI) Work Visa is a fast-track option to secure both work and residency permits in Malta.


  • Fast Processing: Get approved in just 5 working days!
  • Combined Permit: Simplifies things with a single work and residence permit.
  • Family Reunification: Bring your family along.


  • High-Skilled Role: The job offer must be in a specialized field, often in tech, management, or similar areas.
  • Salary Threshold: The annual salary must be at least €30,000 gross.
  • Qualifications & Experience: You’ll need relevant qualifications and experience to match the job.

How to Apply

  • Research Job Shortages: Identify sectors like tech, healthcare, or engineering where Malta needs workers.
  • Find Openings: Look for jobs on platforms through EURESMalta Enterprise, LinkedIn, MaltaJobs, Keepmeposted, and VacancyCentre, or get in touch with recruitment agencies like KonnektVacancyCentreBroadwing, and Misco, which specialize in placing skilled workers in Malta.
  • Prepare Your Application: Get your CV, cover letter, and qualifications ready.
  • Apply for KEI (after job offer): Once you have a job offer, submit your KEI application through your employer or directly to Identity Malta.
  • Follow-up: Stay on top of your application and respond promptly to any requests from Identity Malta.
  • Relocate: After approval, arrange your move and settle in with help from relocation services or your employer.

Remember: This is a simplified overview. It’s always wise to consult the official Malta immigration resources for the latest details.

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